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Sponsors and supporters

We have a lot of people to thank –

  • Wells and Campden Trust for their generous financial support
  • Mary Evans Picture Library, Advertising Archives,Burgh House and Polly Hancock for permission to use their images
  • The congregation of Hampstead Parish Church for their enthusiasm for the project, time, singing voices and so much more
  • The Vicar and Church Wardens for the use of the church for the concerts
  • Friends of the Drama of Hampstead Parish Church for their acting skills, costumes, stage and lighting
  • Peter Ginnings, Sheena Ginnings, Jenni Buhr and Suzanne Woolf for all their research
  • David Moore for help with music for the concerts
  • Christopher Wade for his encouragement, advice and generous access to his unique newspaper archive of Hampstead
  • Our website sponsors
Andrew Penny Charles and Gill Perrin Margaret Rodgers
Jane and Martin Bailey John Barker Derek and Jenny Bunn
Patrice Dorling Diana Finning Sue Garden
David and Angela Gardner Jean Harrison Sarah Hester
Rosemary Loyd Jenny Lupa Sandie and Mike Rawlings
Celia and Nicholas Walser Jackie Woodman Deborah Zandstra
Beryl Dowsett
  • AND all the schools, teachers and pupils who took part in the first part of our project….

This page was last updated on January 30th, 2015.

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