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Soldiers’ lives

Summary of Pages

Food at the Front – while soldiers were restricted in what they could tell families at Home, they could tell them about the food

Gifts from Home – people at home would be keen to know what soldiers needed and gifts were a connection with home.

Stories of Eight Soldiers – we have researched the lives of 8 local soldiers from across the social spectrum who went to war and didn’t come home

Tracing Hampstead’s War Heroes – these pages provided suggestions of how you can search for a WW1 soldier

Local Regiments – The local regiments were an important recruiting vehicle for young men and Hampstead Heath was an important training ground for soldiers, not only from Hampstead.

Searching for Hampstead soldiers

You can search for details of Hampstead men and boys who went to war and died, using the search function and on the right hand side of the page.

The names of the soldiers were taken from the War Memorial in Church Row, from the Parish Magazine and the Hampstead Parish Church burial records.

Examples of Children’s Work

Christmas Humour

Letters to local boys at The Front

Tips for the trenches

Christmas Humour – a talented cartoonist at New End created this bit of dark humour

Christmas humour

Letters to local boys at The Front – We did fairly detailed histories of 8 soldiers from across the social spectrum from Hampstead who went to war and didn’t come back – Miles and Stirling in Year 4 at New End in the ‘Hampstead News’ chose to write an open Christmas letter to 3 soldiers one of whom was an HPS boy and a keen cricketer – Sydney Shipston who lived in Lutton Terrace

The letter read –

“The boys are away for Christmas”

Sydney Charles Shipston is away at war playing his old game of cricket. He has had success because he has hit the wicket a lot of times giving the enemy what for!…..

When we spoke to Sydney’s mum she said ‘that Sydney’s love for cricket was extreme and she was proud of Sydney’ for helping the war.

Now at war he is in the front line with his troops representing his country.

A merry Christmas Sydney and keep those bowls coming fast and furious for England.”

The open letter was accompanied by this drawing –

sydney shipston

Tips for the trenches – Nikita and Isabella in Year 4 at South Hampstead did some useful ‘Tips for the Trenches’ for young men going off to war – here are some of them

  • “Do NOT peer over the trenches because the Germans will shoot you
  • You must NEVER go to the toilet in the early morning because the Germans would know that the English would need the toilet in the morning. So they would fire shots at it
  • Prepare for cold wet and windy weather
  • Remember to pack some books and games to entertain you”

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